Titanium DiBoride
Products Overview

KYOCERA Hardcoating Technologies provides PVD coating to your products with care and consideration.  Part cleaning is a critical step in the coating process.  KHTL has successfully mastered this step with our custom precision cleaning equipment.

In addition, all parts are inspected and sorted prior to cleaning.

KYOCERA Hardcoating Technologies proudly offers five coating selections:

Titanium Nitride TiN - our original, general purpose coating

Titanium Carbonitride TiCN - an industry favorite for increased performance

Aluminum Titanium Nitride AlTiN - Our proprietary formula and most popular coating!

Titanium Diboride TiB2 - Our toughest coating ever, recommended for use with silicon aluminum alloys and titanium alloys

HiPULSE™ AlTiCrN - Our newest coating, recommended for use with hardened steels and other difficult to machine materials

Want to know more? Click the formula links for details about each coating.

Titanium DiBoride
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