Titanium DiBoride

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ )

Do you have a minimum charge for your coatings?

No minimum.

Do you offer pick up and delivery?

KHTL offers pick up and delivery service in certain areas of Ohio.  Click here to view our Service Area.

What are your coating turnaround times?

Currently on an average of 2 business days.

How many vessels do you have?

KHTL currently has 6 vessels

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, KHTL accepts Visa and MasterCard.

We mostly use TiAlN coatings in our operations.  How often do you run your AlTiN or TiAlN?
KHTL runs three coatings (AlTiN, TiCN, and TiN) 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Titanium diboride is run one day a week.

Can we send in sample tools for coating?

Absolutely. We invite you to see the difference between uncoated tools and tools that have been coated with one of KYOCERA Hardcoating Technologies' high performance coatings. Get the most out of your tools with our proprietary PVD coatings! Just call (330) 686-2136 to speak to a KYOCERA Hardcoating Technologies representative who can help.

Can you illustrate the difference between a coated and an uncoated surface?

Figure 1 below shows a solid carbide tool that has been coated with KYOCERA Hardcoating Technologies' PVD TiN coating. Figure 2 shows an uncoated surface. Use the chart in Figure 3 to compare edge wear rates between uncoated and TiN coated tools.


Figure 1: TiN Coated Surface                       Figure 2: Uncoated Surface


Figure 3: Wear Comparison Chart

Titanium DiBoride
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